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Abigail Hendricks
I recently read an advertisement on the internet that if I complete the course being offered by US Recovery Bureau in Passaic, New Jersey (URL omitted, my bold script) that I can be licensed in all 50 states-is this true?
Each state regulates bounty hunters separately, some states require licensing, others do not regulate bounty hunting at all, and it is is plainly illegal in Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Oregon where they do not recognize the commercial bail bond industry at all.  As a result, the answer to your question concerning getting licensed in all 50 states by the training company in NJ is also NO.  Think of a "license" as permission to practice an occupation or to do something specific issued to you by the state.  2 examples would be a driver's license or a license to practice medicine- both are issued by state offices.
Training providers such as the group to which you refer are commonly referred to as "certificate mills" by insiders in the bail enforcement community because they prey on people who do not know the first thing about the laws that regulate this industry.  They often make outrageous claims then take advantage of them, though I don't think that their advertisement on actually says "license" it does mention becoming certified in all 50 states.
While I cannot comment on the quality of their training program because I have not taken it (yet), I believe that their advertising tactics are shady at best.  It is certainly deceptive, especially when you consider for a moment that 4 states specifically outlawed bounty hunting!  How can they then make the assertion that they can qualify people for all 50 states?  Let's just go ahead and leave out Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina as well- because free-lancing bounty hunters are not allowed either; you must be licensed by a bail bond or surety company.
To make my point: perhaps most telling of my dealings with them was when I called their office "looking for a little more information."  I told the girl that answered the phone (who identified herself as Agent Carmella-something-or-other) that I lived in Kentucky (the most hostile state towards bounty hunters in the United States) and asked her if I were to complete their course would be able to get started working right away here, to which she replied with a perky. "yes!" and I then asked if she thought that there were a lot of clients and fugitives in Kentucky and if I could be successful here with the right training to which she replied, "there is plenty of work!"  
I then asked her if she knew the law in KY and she began to really fumble- I let her have it with both barrels!  Perhaps they did not know that it was illegal... If they profess to be the premier bail enforcement training school  would I want to take a class from them?  No way, not if I was just starting out!  
What else aren't they going to tell me that might land me in jail????
In retrospect I felt badly for schooling her so harshly but I felt, and told her, that obviously her company's ethics needed a little work and suggested that someone might need to request the New Jersey Attorney General or Trade Commission take a look into their deceptive business practices (these were my words).
Buyer Beware!
I've found that just by being completely honest with everyone that calls or writes, I can keep my reputation intact and still get training clients in those states out of their pure curiosity!
Warmest Regards,
L. Scott Harrell
CompassPoint Investigations  

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