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Bounty Hunter Equipment- My contributions for an article in 
Playboy Magazine, Part 1


Hi Scott,
My name is Patty Lamberti, I am an assistant editor for Playboy Magazine.  We are running an article regarding bounty hunting in March and would like to include a sidebar article we intend to title "Bounty Hunter Briefcase" and would like to include a list of everything that a bounty hunter would never leave the office without during a typical assignment.  You came highly regarded by the editorial staff for work on a previous article and I really would like to get your take on this if you have the time.
Thank you so much, call me if you have any questions!
Patty Lamberti
Assistant Editor, Playboy Magazine
During a typical assignment I never leave the office without the following:
Case File/Fugitive Dossier
Concealed bulletproof vest
Air Tazer, Stun Gun or Pepper Spray
Concealed handgun on especially dangerous assignments (where legal)
Cell Phone (I use one with a camera now in case I need a client to identify the fugitive)
Laptop with wireless internet access (used for online database research in the field)
Street Maps and Atlases
Full Size Mag-Lite (flashlight)
Leg Irons or Shackles and XXL Orange Overalls (in case of long distance extraditions)
Business Cards
Not to mention some items that are pretext tricks of trade:
Phony Packages and Blank Delivery Labels/Inserts (everyone wants to get a package!)
Magnetic Signs with fake business names
Business Cards (with made up information) used to support the pretext we use to obtain a fugitive's location from his or her family or friends
I realize that this all won't fit in a brief case, but most of us spend long hours in our cars and since our assignments are rarely "typical," we try to be prepared for a variety of requirements while we are "in the field."
If you need more information or want to discuss anything on the list, don't hesitate to call. We're leaving the office early today, but I will be back in on Friday.
Warmest Regards,
L. Scott Harrell
CompassPoint Investigations


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