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By demand, I am holding our bonus offer over for a few more days!

Newly updated information!  Due to the continuing development of technology and it’s increasing importance in the bounty hunting industry, we’ve decided to expose the confidential nature of the most important new skip tracing tool to have been introduced since the advent of the online database in 1997!  We have learned how to exploit opportunities presented with new telephones equipment and service providersWe tell you how it works and why this may soon be the only technique you will ever need in a fugitive investigation.
We've added the complete and unabridged audio from Scott Harrell's skip tracing presentation.  This was an exclusive event in which attendance was extremely limited to all but a very select few.  This is almost a full one and a half hours of the best skip tracing techniques for fugitive recovery agents you will ever hear.  Attendees pay over $400 to hear him speak!  This is a FREE BONUS with your order of his online course!
If you can close the “impossible case” quickly, you will crush your competition!
We’ve also added 3 new resources for finding possible employment with national companies.  They need agents to service their clients and we will only share these sources with our online seminar and 3-day workshop students.  This increases your odds of successfully beating students from other training providers to the tough to locate job opportunities! 
The business of bail enforcement is changing at break-neck speed.  This highly lucrative type of assignment often captures the imaginations of many would-be bounty hunters who do not know where to acquire a working knowledge of this industry, which can often seem VERY secretive.  These secrets are the only thing that separates those who go on to succeed in this business and those who will fail. 
Our course is designed to first teach and develop basic operating techniques and methods to easily locate and arrest bail-secured fugitives and then to build upon that foundation by sharing the most important secrets of our industry with you in a manner that cuts out years of the old learning process.
It’s simple- complete this course today and get started on building your career tomorrow. 
This course teaches you the following topics absolutely mandatory to your success:
·  A comprehensive overview of the bail enforcement industry and how it works
·  Getting started and becoming a bounty hunter (bail enforcement agent)
·  Sources for possible employment with national companies
·  Marketing your bail recovery services and finding a mentor
·  Setting your fees and getting paid
·  Networking for national exposure and getting a huge case load very quickly
·  The complete step by step approach to finding almost any fugitive
·  The hard core methods we use to find the people who are “being difficult”
·  Understanding and obtaining every tool you will use in your investigation
·  Surveillance methods and techniques, which will be essential to your success
·  Getting the defendant into custody- safely
·  Use of force and survival skills training
·  Extradition and transporting defendants in your custody
·  Closing bail investigation assignments without every leaving the office
·  Crucial legal and ethical standards
Click here to see our detailed course outline for more specific information.
We've added over 45 minutes of audio content and new video segments to our online seminar!  Listen in on conversations between your instructor and other professionals in this industry; get the information no one else has!
The online seminar is the same DETAILED material covered in our seminars and your certificate of completion is the same as the one issued for completion of our 3-day workshops.
Our online seminar is only $129.95 for everything, which is less than 1/3 of the cost to attend our long weekend class and you will not have to take off from work or spend money for travel, hotels, meals, etc!  AND you will complete this course from wherever you want, whenever you want and at your own pace.  No scribbling notes down and missing key information while an instructor speaks or fear of asking questions in front of the class.  If you miss something or don’t quite understand something- go back to it or contact us for help.  Because you are studying by yourself, does not mean that you are taking this course alone!
Our course has been received with huge reviews from the best and brightest in the industry and has just received "exemplary recognition" by members of the Professional Bondsmen of the United States (PBUS), an association of thousands of bail bondsman across the country!  This is important…because these people may eventually become your clients!
Click here to see what others are saying about our online course.
Best of all- if you order before the offer expires, you will get over $350 of free bonus materials, memberships and tools!
And now for the very special gifts I alluded to earlier...


1.  E-version of the book Apprehending Bail Fugitives                                            FREE

2.  Enrollment in our Surveillance Strategies for Success Online Course!              FREE

3.  The complete and unabridged audio presentation of his Skip Tracing for Bounty  
     Hunters.  Over 1 hour and 25 minutes of the best information you will ever hear on
     the subject!                                                                                                             FREE
4.  FREE 2 Year membership in the National Surety Investigators Network- 
     Benefits include: 
     · information on members only newsgroups (networking and case assignments from
        around the country), 
     · free directory listing (for networking and advertising), 
     · personalized email address and more!                                                               FREE
That's 4 gifts for signing up today!  A huge value- but when you consider the actual costs in time, opportunity, and having the tools to whip the competition
"If you cannot attend a seminar being taught by Scott Harrell in person...  
this is the next best thing!"
Richard D. Independence, MO






This is the only online course currently approved by several states for continuing education and pre-licensing requirements.  

  Additionally- Apprehending Bail Fugitives is the only course both recommended and approved for certification through the National Surety Investigators Network!  

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